Top 10 places to visit in Hawaii, Honolulu

1. Waikiki Beach

This world-famous beach is known for its stunning views, turquoise waters, and vibrant atmosphere.

2. Diamond Head State Monument 

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The Diamond Head crater offers breathtaking views of Honolulu and the Pacific Ocean. 

3. Pearl Harbor National Memorial

A historic site that honors the victims of the 1941 attack on Pearl Harbor and the battleship USS Arizona

4. Iolani Palace

A royal palace that served as the residence of the Hawaiian monarchy until 1893.

5. Honolulu Museum of Art

A premier art museum featuring an extensive collection of Asian, American, and European art. 

6. Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve

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A beautiful nature reserve that offers excellent snorkeling and diving opportunities.

7. Manoa Falls

A popular hiking destination that leads to a beautiful waterfall nestled in the lush Manoa Valley.

8. Koko Crater Trail 

A challenging hiking trail that rewards visitors with stunning views of the coastline and Honolulu. 


A vibrant and bustling neighborhood that features unique shops, restaurants, and cultural landmarks.

10. Bishop Museum

A cultural and natural history museum that offers fascinating exhibits on Hawaiian history and culture.